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good foot put forward
recognizable enough by all
injured foot flexed downward
no one knew the meaning
except for one

suppressed wishful thinking
sigh, it must be coincidence
like glasses onced tried
that turned out unnecessary
just needed good light

now the light shines
even on the thirteenth floor
commonality shares

quieter words could
be sent by owl and
the anagram is still valid

in welcomed greetings
searched for
in soft places and moments
so precious that there has
been hesitation
to get closer than
incidental distance

Did my eyes decieve
or did I see you
calling out for my attention
wearing a fake mustache
attached to glasses
like mr. sniffer
hanging ten
and admonishing me
that if I were major tom
coming in for a landing
that you are waiting
but also edgy
or perhaps frustrated
and making a stink
about not getting hopes up
reciting original poems
in a fictional accent
in a trance
of visions
and dreams
of symbolism
which has become
as the ripples
have become waves
your suggestions
about how we could heal
resonate and reverberate
like pressure in my head
spasms in my spine
tail swishing and twitching
as you comtrol it's mind
the menagerie you have
enlisted the help of to transmit
your story to me
maybe have delivered faithfully
though time to rustle through the bushes
and the trees of the forest has been needed
and I know now it took longer than you hoped
as I climb to the top of countless trees
looking out to you
now I see
you helped to nurture each one
it wasn't just me imagining things
and the deep and subtle message
cryptic and full you broadcast
and though I heard much of it
it took time to decrypt
and I wondered why you couldn't
just come out and say it
but now it seems there's so much more
though I am just a hermit
and you are widely influential
you could be just as afraid as I am
that we may continue to be
out of sync
I removed my space helmet
so you can touch my face
I don't mind your pointed hat
but I'm hoping that you
will hug me or maybe even kiss me
even if you still choose to
wear your green face paint
my good foot moves forward
my bad foot goes down
every symbol of your trance
was amazing
If you only knew
perhaps you do
or hope with a secretive reservation
and I don't know how I could have ever had a doubt
but don't worry, it is not you that caused it
The hills and valley call me
the cave's light entreats this long suppressed striving
you may be right
cycles, we always begin anew
but I'm fatigued of orbit
feet back on the ground

I changed a pattern with your help
If you like there might be a chance
to be in phase rather than antiphase

if only we could talk
if we could
we should talk
and maybe this is us talking
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